Why do you need my personal information?

We know you take your personal information seriously, and so do we.

The primary reason we need your personal information is that we’re legally required to verify that our winners live in the U.S. and are over 18 years of age. In other words before we give away money, we need to make sure that you’ve complied with our official rules, and you are well…really you.

We’re not spammers and we don’t make money by selling your information to 3rd parties. In fact, our database contains our personal information too, so whatever we do to you, we’re also doing to ourselves.

How can you afford to give away cash prizes without charging contestants any money?

Simple, our sponsors pay us so you don’t have to.

Do I have to re-register every time there’s a new contest?

Nope! You only need to create an account one time, and then you can play in as many of our contests as you like.

I have more than one account. Is that ok?

Sometimes people create multiple accounts by accident, and we won’t penalize you for that. However, you’re only allowed to trade one account during each contest.

So, if you have two or more accounts, make sure you’re using the same account every time you trade. If you’re actively trading in two or more accounts during a contest, we have to disqualify you…and we really don’t want to do that.

Do I need to pay an entry fee?

No way! Keep your money. All of our contests are free to play (thanks to our sponsors and affiliates who pay us).

I’m just learning about investing, do I really have a chance to win?

Abso-lutely! On any given month, even a brand new investor can beat a pro. In fact, there’s even been research that suggests a monkey picking stocks can out-perform the pros. We’re not joking, Google it. Fortunately for the pros, monkeys are prohibited from entering our contest.

You literally have nothing to lose! Sign up and join our community. Who knows, you may surprise yourself and end up with a $5,000 check.

Where can I find a list of stocks that are over $5 billion in market cap?

There are lots and lots of stocks that have a market cap over $5 billion, and there are an infinite number of sites that list stocks that meet the contest criteria. But here are a couple of links that will provide a good place to start your research. We are not recommending any of the stocks on these lists.

How is my portfolio performance calculated?

* The solution set was provided by our friends at Competitive Analytics

Why do you use Evenly Weighted Average Return portfolio calculation?

There are several possible ways we could calculate  portfolio performance for the contest, and we’ve chosen to take the Evenly Weighted Average Return, for two reasons:

First, the formula provides the most accurate simulation of the real world because it recognizes the importance of time when calculating gains and losses. If you were going to invest your money with a portfolio manager, you’d be far better off investing with someone who gained 5% per day, rather than someone who gained 5% in a month. Similarly it would be far better to lose only 5% for an entire month, rather than lose 5% every day for an entire month.

If we were to take everyone’s returns and simply average them, it would mean that a 5% gain or loss would be weighted the same whether it happened over three days, or three weeks.

That leads us to our second reason for selecting this calculation. We want to reward the best traders in our contest, and the Evenly Weighted Average Return is the best (and most fair) way to do that. The quicker you can accumulate gains, the more your score will improve. By the same token, the more your losses are spread out over time, the less impact they will have on your final score.

What are the prize payouts?

1st place: $5,000

2nd place: $2,000

3rd place: $1,000

4th place: $500

5th Place: $250

6th Place: $125

7th Place: $100

8th Place: $100

9th Place: $100

10th Place: $100


Why can’t I login?

There are only 3 possible reasons you can’t login:

  1. You didn’t verify your email address when you set up your account. When you set up your account, we sent you a verification email. This email can sometimes get caught in spam filters (we’re especially talking to you @Hotmail users), so be sure to check your spam folder for our email.
  2. You’re trying to login with your username and password. That won’t work! You must login with your email address and password.
  3. You’ve entered the wrong password. There’s a link to reset your password at the bottom of the login box.

I created an account, but I didn’t receive a verification email. What should I do?

Sometimes it can take a few minutes for the verification email to come through, so it might just require a little patience. After about 5 minutes if you still don’t have an email from us, check your spam folder. If it’s not there, then contact us at, and we’ll resend the verification email.

There appears to be a problem with the Leaderboard. Why doesn’t my Current Performance match the performance number on the Leaderboard?

The Current Performance reflected at the bottom of your portfolio is updated approximately every 15 minutes throughout the day.  The leaderboard however, is only updated at the top of every hour.

So depending on when you check the leaderboard, there may be a discrepancy between what the leaderboard shows as your total score, and the Total Performance number on your dashboard.

That’s ok.

For the most accurate standings, check the leaderboard at the top of every hour, or after the market closes.

Game Play:

I’m a new user. When can I pick stocks for the next contest?

Stock selection for the upcoming contest always begins on the Monday after the previous contest ends. For example, assume you register for an account on Wednesday, and the current contest ends two days later on Friday.

You’ll be able to select stocks for the next contest on Monday.

I’m an existing user. When can I pick stocks for the next contest?

Every contest ends on a Friday. You can select stocks for the next contest starting on Monday.

I changed the stocks in my Starter Portfolio before the contest started. Will the trades count towards my final score?

No, because technically they weren’t trades. You were just making changes to your Starter Portfolio before the contest. However, once the contest starts all of the stocks in your portfolio will count towards your final score.

The contest has already started but I haven’t made any trades. Can I still play?

Yes! As long as you make at least 8 trades during the contest, you’re eligible to win a prize.

Can I trade stock options, ADRs or derivatives ? Can I short stocks?

Nope. We trade stocks only. Long Only.


How does trading work? I wanna swap one of my stocks for another. I clicked "Trade" then entered my buy order, and it just says "Pending."

Trades are executed based on the opening prices for the stocks you’re trading.
For example:
Say you own Pepsi, and after the market opens you enter a trade to sell Pepsi and buy Coke. That trade will occur when the market opens on the next trading day, based on the opening prices for Pepsi and Coke.
For more details on how trading works, check out our quick start guide here.
NOTE: Our system begins to process everyone’s trades right after the stock market opens, and because we’re processing thousands of trades at once, it can take up to 30 minutes for all of the trades to go through.  But don’t worry! Even if it takes a little while for your trade to process in our system, we still give you the opening price.

How many trades do I need to make during a contest?

In order to be prize-eligible, you must make at least 8 trades during the contest.

Hot Tip: Typically winners trade a lot more than that. On average winners trade about 31 times per contest.

To meet the eight-trade requirement, can I trade a single stock eight times, or do I need to trade all of the stocks in my portfolio?

You can do it any way you want. As long as you make at least 8 trades during a contest, you’re good to go!

Do I have to select a stock from the dropdown list provided?

Yes, you do. Love our money, love our rules.

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